2020 St. Francis City Wide Garage Sales

August 22nd, 2020

Welcoming all residential and business participation.

The SFACOC is hosting this as a community event. Food trucks will be found at the Community Park. While there, feel free to drop off your potty trained child for free small group activities, while you shop, provided by local churches. All state distancing and safety guidelines will be practiced. Please note, play at your own risk because of health concerns with COVID-19.

A map of garage sale locations will be provided here, and can be printed using the button below. Register your sale and purchase an official sign for a fee of $7 per sale, and we will list your sale on the map below.

Deadline past for Sign Purchase

Deadline past for Sign Purchase

No more garage sale listings are being accepted, but feel free to conduct your sale… Good Luck and Happy Selling!

Remaining signs can be picked up at Village Bank for those who did not get to pick up their sign already.

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